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The product is field tested by high-end industry operators. It contains features specifically designed to match the competitive demand that users will encounter. We use feedback and technology advancements to consistently improve the software. Gain the most from your campaigns!

Automatically applies changes to the live brand to allow the user casual work distribution.

  • Synchronisation with the casino or sportsbook platform every 15 minutes.
  • A swift integration with the operator’s front-end using API.
  • Instant refresh time for hits and hosts.
  • Quick creation of new commissions and offers for the start of new partners.

The interface has a simplistic build, which allows for an easy learning curve while interacting with the software.

  • The ability to get started with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Straight forward and seamless navigation through the platform.
  • An opportunity to manage everything with one smartphone
  • We use modern development methods and programming languages to introduce innovations and speed of work.

Complete compliance for a seamless experience, available from a single central device.

  • Ease of use: tagging, filtering and sorting, individual reports, personal landing pages and banners.
  • Highly flexible commission builder allows the creation of different deals (CPA, Revshare, Hybrid) using various conditions, qualifications, modifiers, and rewards, without any restrictions.
  • Tools for excluding low-quality traffic while managing affiliate payments.
  • Player qualification: in order for an affiliate to apply for the reward, their referred players should meet the qualification requirements
  • Multiple levels of sub-affiliate commissions in the system

Advanced reporting options for deep insight & management, conveniently built to aid the user.

  • Multifunctional statistical reports that can be exported via CSV, XLS, and JSON.
  • Many reports to analyse traffic quality.
  • The anti-fraud system helps to identify and warn about intruders, thereby protecting the product.
  • A variety of different reports to track activities such as Affiliate Reports, Gamers Report, FTD Reports, GEO Reports etc.

Blends with the operator, granting access to additional options and actions directly from the software.

  • Integration with the operator’s front-end with API.
  • Postback options which track Registration, First deposit, Deposit and CPA qualifications.
  • A wide range of payment methods.
  • Ability to create, edit or remove any content in the FAQ, Translations or Our Testimonials.

Allows the application of various branding techniques throughout the campaign.

  • A possibility to work with different brands and products from one partnership program.
  • Ability to apply branding to bonus promos, logos, images etc.
  • Consistent brand identity.
  • Creating a unique design for your product so that it is recognizable and unique.

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